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VAC-U-COAT BY PROCRAFT Red Silicon Pad, 7" Diameter, 1/2" Hole for vacuum machine 5 Inch Rubber Sprue Base Stirring Rod Quartz 3/8 x 12 Inches

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Mold Release By Castaldo Asbestos Free Heat Resistant Gloves 18 Inches Pair Stirring Rod Carbon 1/2 x 12 Inches Cuttlefish Bone Box of 6

Crucible and Flask Bent  Tongs 19 inches Graphite Stirring Rods (10) GRADUATED PITCHER 1000CC INVESTMENT SCALE W/10 LB CAP. PROCRAFT

Sprue Base Universal Vacuum Pump Oil, 32 oz Bottle Silicon Pad Red with Small Center Hole Black Rubber Pad for Vacuum Investing, 10-1/2" Square
Sprue Base Universal

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Flask Seal for 3-3/8 Inch Flask 21800 Flask Seal for 4 Inch Flask Flask Seal for 5 Inch Flask MOLD PLATE 2.5 X 3.75 1188ai 1243A CM440