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Diamond Flywheels High Quality
Diamond Flywheels High Quality

These flywheels make the most decorative bright cuts you have ever seen, helping your jewellery stand out from the rest. Contain natural grade-A diamonds for fast, easy bright cutting. When used with a high-speed rotary hand piece (minimum 30,000rpm), these flywheels can make bright cuts in seconds. Can be resharpened. Have 3 or 4mm shanks. Note: Diamond Flywheels are not covered by warranty. If you are new to bright cutting, we strongly recommend that you purchase a Tungsten Carbide Practice Wheel. It is the same shape as a 130° diamond flywheel but made of tungsten carbide so you can learn to use a light pressure without risking diamond breakage.
Finest quality.

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339305 150° Diamond Flywheel - 3mm Shank (US-Made)
339302 Diamond Flywheel 120 Degrees x 3mm US-Made
11090 Diamond Flywheel 120 Degrees X 4mm Made in Canada
11092 Diamond Flywheel 130 Degrees x 4mm Canada
339303 Diamond Flywheel 130 Degrees - 3mm Shank
11094 Diamond Flywheel 150 Degrees x 4mm Made in Canada
F1803 Diamond Flywheel 180 Degrees x 3mm Quality
F903 Diamond Flywheel 90 Degrees x 3mm (US-Made)
11088 Diamond Flywheel 90 Degrees x 4mm
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