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BUR CYLINDER HS 8.0MM #30 Pro-Cut Bur Lubricant BUR INSIDE RING XC  1/8'' 330-105 Panther Burs, Set of 24, Stone Setting
Pro Cut Bur Lubricant

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Extends life of burs, helps cutting. 1 oz.

Inverted Cone Bur #3 Busch Split Wood Mandrel, 1/4" Arbor Hole HANDY BUR BOX Bur Stand for 3/32 Shank Burs

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Multiple Options Available

Bur Inside Ring 1/4" x 1/2" X-Coarse 3/32" Shank Diamond Sintered Rounded Cylinder 120 Grit Diamond Sintered Cylinder Bur 120 Grit Diamond Sintered Tapered Cylinder 120 Grit

Diamond Sintered Bullet 120 Grit Porosity Killer Spiral Hand Drill HSS Twist Drill Set
Porosity Killer

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Spiral Hand Drill

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HSS Twist Drill Set

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BUR INSIDE RING .5 X 1 HS STD 3/32IN BUR INSIDE RING .5 X 1 HS FINE 3/32IN Threaded Screw Mandrel, 3/32" Shank 1/16" Mandrel with Reinforced Screw, 1/8" Shank