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BUR CYLINDER HS 8.0MM #30 Pro-Cut Bur Lubricant BUR INSIDE RING .5 X 1 HS STD 1/8 IN BUR INSIDE RING XC  1/8'' 330-105
Pro Cut Bur Lubricant

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Extends life of burs, helps cutting. 1 oz.

Panther Burs, Set of 24, Stone Setting Inverted Cone Bur #3 Busch Diamond Flywheel Convex Dome 4mm Swiss FLYWHEEL CARBIDE 4MM

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Multiple Options Available

DRILL DIAMOND STICK 1MM SWISS DIB-55100 Tapered Wood Mandrel, 6" Long, 1/4" Arbor Hole Split Wood Mandrel, 1/4" Arbor Hole HANDY BUR BOX

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Bur Stand for 3/32 Shank Burs Bur Inside Ring 1/4" x 1/2" Fine 3/32" Shank Bur Inside Ring 1/4" x 1/2" X-Coarse 3/32" Shank Diamond Sintered Rounded Cylinder 120 Grit

Diamond Sintered Cylinder Bur 120 Grit Diamond Sintered Tapered Cylinder 120 Grit Diamond Sintered Bullet 120 Grit Diamond Sintered Point 120 Grit