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Orion arc pulse welder 150S Elma Ultrasonic E60H 1-1/2 Gallon - Temp Control/Heater Stainless Steel Inspection Mirror with Chrome-Plated Handle, 3/4" Glass Slab, 6" x 3" x 3/4"

Dappen Dish, Blue Dappen Dish, Amber Dappen Dish,Green Dappen Dish,Clear
Dappen Dish, Blue

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Dappen Dish, Amber

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Dappen Dish,Green

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Dappen Dish,Clear

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Chip Syringe Replacement Chrome Point For Chip Syringe Kingsley Type Vul-Crylic Scraper, Style 3 Kingsley Type Vul-Crylic Scraper, Style 4
Chip Syringe

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STEAMER RELIABLE i800A AUTOMATIC STEAM CLEANER ULTRA WAXER 2  comes with 2 tips & pens KERR PRO STEAMER 2.5 Litre capacity 5000CJ STEAMER 1.25 GALLON - 4.5 Litre capacity

STEAMER 9 Litre Capacity  7000CJ Elma 2 Quart Ultrasonic Cleaner 3 Quart L&R Quantrex Ultrasonic L&R Quantrex Ultrasonic
L&R Quantrex Ultrasonic

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Timer 1-30 minutes or continuous operation.  Thermostatically controlled
heater will set temperature from 30 to 85 ºC.Stainless steel cover. Interior dimensions of tank: 6"L x 5-1/3"W x 4"D.
LR00610 3Qt L&R Quantrex 140H with Timer and Heater.

The Quantrex Ultrasonic Cleaning System line provides super strength cleaning everytime. Versatile enough for a variety of cleaning applications.The Quantrex Product Line is constructed of a vinyl clad metal wrapper and stainless steel tank, using only the best materials and workmanship. Each tank and body is carefully inspected for strength and durability.

• Increased power, cleans quietly
• Perfect for countertop use
• Optional Heater
• 60 Minute Timer
• Full line of accessories available for all your cleaning needs
• ETL - CAN/US, CE approved
• ISO 9001 - 2008
• Constructed with vinyl - clad steel and stainless steel
• Fourteen quality inspection steps for strength and durability
• Equipped with stainless steel drain with multi - positional outlet for easy
removal of solution.

Elma Easy Ultrasonic 3 Quart
Elmasonic Easy 30 H 3 Quart Ultrasonic. The Elmasonic EASY series is characterized by simple, user-friendly operation. With 100% ultrasonic power at a frequency of 37 kHz, the Pulse function and visual warning (when bath temperature reaches the set limit), the Elmasonic EASY solves typical cleaning tasks in the jewellery store and jewellery shop quickly and efficiently.

The activatable function “Pulse” is suited to remove tenacious, mineral soiling and polishing pastes. The ultrasonic power is increased up to 20%, so that any soiling will be removed easily and quickly.

The limit temperature can be adjusted according to individual requirements. When the set temperature limit is reached the unit gives out a visual warning that helps to prevent the coagulation of proteins and protects sensitive items from damage due to high temperatures.

The Elmasonic EASY units are equipped with stainless-steel casing. They are equipped with higher unit feet, which improves the protection of the electronics against splashwater.