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Wax Bracelet Carving Matt
Wax Bracelet Carving Matt

Matt Wax Blue is soft and highly flexible.
This wax will take a 90 degree bend without breaking.
Ideal for models with extensive piercing or thin exposed sections.
Softening temperature 220 degrees F (104C).
6 inch long arch-shaped block of carving wax is designed to simplify the construction of bracelets.
From one blank style you can create round, oval or square bracelets in a variety of sizes.
Simply cut two slices of the desired thickness to form bracelet, then trim using the Matt Shaper or by file.
Dumatt high quality wax ( no air bubbles).

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CA2899 Blue Bracelet Wax
CA2897 Green Bracelet Wax
CA2898 Purple Bracelet Wax
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