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Wax Carvers and Spatulas Set of 6 WAX CARVER FOREDOM 7 TIPS WC-3 SAWBLADE WAX SPIRAL #1 (DOZ) Skip-A-Tooth Sawblades

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File Wax CarvIng Set 4 - Supreme WAX PEN TOOL HT105/100V ARBE MATT SUPPLY BOX CA 956 Matt Wax Cutting Tool Set of 3 for Matt Mini Lathe

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Matt Wax Shaper CA2895 TEMPLATE SIGNET RINGS #2 CA5103 TEMPLATE BALLERINA  #3 CA5104 Wax Pen Tip Straight Taper Brass  A-WT-2 Foredom
Matt Wax Shaper CA2895

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Wax Pen Tip Small Spoon Brass A-WT-4 FOREDOM Wax Pen Tip Curved Taper Brass A-WT-5 Foredom Wax PenTip Knife Brass A-WT-3 FOREDOM WaX Pen Tip Large Spoon Brass A-WT-7 FOREDOM

Pike Platinum, Swiss Jewelers Sawblades, Size 2/0 (12 DZ.) File Wax Carving Set of 4 Double Sided Wax Carving Tool Set of 12 Jewelry Wax Modeling by Adolfo Mattielo

Economy wax tool set - popular carvers, spatulas and probes. Stainless steel. Set of 12 in a plastic pouch.