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Wax Carvers and Spatulas Set of 6 WAX CARVER FOREDOM 7 TIPS WC-3 SAWBLADE WAX SPIRAL #1 (DOZ) Skip-A-Tooth Sawblades

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File Wax CarvIng Set 4 - Supreme WAX PEN TOOL HT105/100V ARBE MATT SUPPLY BOX CA 956 Matt Wax Cutting Tool Set of 3 for Matt Mini Lathe

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Matt Wax Shaper CA2895 Wax Pen Tip Straight Taper Brass  A-WT-2 Foredom Wax Pen Tip Small Spoon Brass A-WT-4 FOREDOM Wax Pen Tip Curved Taper Brass A-WT-5 Foredom
Matt Wax Shaper CA2895

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Wax PenTip Knife Brass A-WT-3 FOREDOM WaX Pen Tip Large Spoon Brass A-WT-7 FOREDOM Pike Platinum, Swiss Jewelers Sawblades, Size 2/0 (12 DZ.) Double Sided Wax Carving Tool Set of 12

Economy wax tool set - popular carvers, spatulas and probes. Stainless steel. Set of 12 in a plastic pouch.
Jewelry Wax Modeling by Adolfo Mattielo Max Wax Pen SAWBLADE WAX SPIRAL (DOZ) Economy Wax Needle File Set of 6

Max Wax pens are the ultimate cordless wax tools. Instant heat up to 850°F, with finger pressure control. Ideal for design work, sprue-ing and everyday bench jobs. Form beads and details, whisk away flare or spray, and repair floaters and accidents. The tip is specially designed to transfer wax to models. Powered by one AA battery.
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