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MANDREL OVAL BR 65x75-85x95 ITALY 8068 Mandrel Hoop Earring - Length 12 Inches Mandrel Bracelet Round - Length 15 Inches Round Graduated Ring Mandrel

Economy Oval Bracelet Mandrel Small Round Cast Iron Bracelet Mandrel 25X50MM Large Round Cast Iron Bracelet Mandrel 50 X90mm Small Oval Cast Iron Bracelet Mandrel 25 x 35 to 45 x 55

Medium Oval Cast Iron Bracelet Mandrel 45x55 to 65x75mm Italian Round Steel Bezel Mandrel Pear Shaped Mandrel Open Ring Mandrel
Pear Shaped Mandrel

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Used for fabricating catches, jump rings and other items that require small bezels. Can also be used to set stones. Excellent smooth surface. 5mm to 12mm. Overall length is 225mm. Top quality, made in Italy.

  • Flat back machined surface for open ring forming
  • Hardened and polished steel
  • Limited quantities will be manufactured
  • Made in USA, by PepeTools

Swiss Round Steel Bezel Mandrel
Turned from hardened tool steel and polished for a perfectly smooth finish, this bezel mandrel is great for forming tiny tapered bezels on a sturdy surface.
  • Tapered from 10mm - 3mm
  • Taper is 200mm in length
  • Handle (can also be used for forming) is 75mm in length
  • Handle diameter is 12mm
  • Overall length is 290mm (11.5")