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Midas Brilliance Gel Patina Solution Aul Solvent - Oxidizer Remover - 2 Oz Oxidizer for Silver and Gold 8 Oz Midas Liver of Sulfur Liquid 1 Quart

Lacquer 1 Pint by Procraft Procraft Oxidizer  Silver 8 Oz Liver of Sulfur XL-GEL 2 OZ Liver of Sulphur XL-GEL 4 OZ

Jax Green Patina works on Copper, Brass,Bronze - Pint Jax Brown Darkener  works on Brass,Bronze,Copper - Pint Jax Brown- Black Darkener works on Copper, Brass, Bronze - Pint Jax Black Darkener works on Brass, Bronze,Copper - Pint

Jax Flemish Gray-Black works on Brass, Bronze, Copper - Pint Jax Silver Blackener works on Silver, Gold Pint Jax Pewter Blackener works on Brass,Copper, Nickel, Pewter - Pint Jax Iron Steel Blackener works on Iron, Steel, Cast Iron, Nickel - Pint

Jax Copper Plating Solution. Pint,onto iron, steel, brass and solder Jax Tarnish Preventer Pint on Brass, Copper, Bronze Jax Instant Silver Clean Pint Jax Brass-Copper-Bronze Cleaner Pint