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Midas Brilliance Gel Patina Solution Oxidizer for Silver and Gold 8 Oz Midas Liver of Sulfur Liquid 1 Quart Lacquer 1 Pint by Procraft

Procraft Oxidizer  Silver 8 Oz Liver of Sulfur XL-GEL 2 OZ Liver of Sulphur XL-GEL 4 OZ Jax Green Patina works on Copper, Brass,Bronze - Pint

Jax Brown Darkener  works on Brass,Bronze,Copper - Pint Jax Brown- Black Darkener works on Copper, Brass, Bronze - Pint Jax Black Darkener works on Brass, Bronze,Copper - Pint Jax Flemish Gray-Black works on Brass, Bronze, Copper - Pint

Jax Silver Blackener works on Silver, Gold Pint Jax Pewter Blackener works on Brass,Copper, Nickel, Pewter - Pint Jax Iron Steel Blackener works on Iron, Steel, Cast Iron, Nickel - Pint Jax Silver Plating Solution 4oz. works on Silver, Copper, Brass

Jax Copper Plating Solution. Pint,onto iron, steel, brass and solder Jax Tarnish Preventer Pint on Brass, Copper, Bronze Jax Instant Silver Clean Pint Jax Brass-Copper-Bronze Cleaner Pint