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Midas Brilliance Gel Patina Solution
Midas Brilliance Gel Patina Solution


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Use MidasĀ® Brilliance gel to achieve a range of patinas for your silver (sterling, fine silver and silver-plated), bronze and copper pieces. Rather than choose a single patina color (or buy several bottles of different colors), you can simply choose Brilliance gel and get your choice of seven colors every time you use it simply by stopping the process when the piece reaches the color you want.
Once immersed in the Brilliance solution, the pieces will change from yellow to gold, to orange, to red, to brown, to purple, and finally, to blue over the course of approximately 30 minutes. The color change is gradual but continuous. When you reach the color you want, simply stop the color-change process and seal the piece with wax, lacquer or clearcoat. If you miss the color you want, just wait; the colors will cycle through again. As they repeat, the colors will have a deeper hue and more iridescence and will begin to blend a bit.
Priced per individual package; each individual package contains one 4-oz. jar of gel and a small jar (approx. 1/2 oz.) of activator powder.