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Chelsea Colour Filter AuRACLE GOLD TESTER ADAPTER #2001 Diamond Tweezer Slide-Lock Medium Tip  ITALY Glass Acid Bottle square edged holds 1/2 ounce
Chelsea Colour Filter

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Stone Shovel with Handle Black Stone Sorting Shovel Black with compartments Stone Sorting Shovel Black with compartments large Platinum Test Solution
Platinum Test Solution

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Test Acid Neutralizer 5 Oz. GT400 Diamond Parcel Paper Weight and Stone Sorting Paper Holder Urea 1 Lb. Stone Shovel Tray Black  (2 shovels)
Urea 1 Lb.

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AuRACLE AGT3 Digital Gold and Platinum Tester Gold Test Kit 3 Bottle Calcite Dichroscope for Gemstone Inspection CZ MASTER SET PRO - 0.50CT 10 STONE SET
Gold Test Kit 3 Bottle

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Refractive Index Liquid M 1.79 10g Strong Rare Earth Magnet 2 x ½ Inch Rare Earth Magnet Gold Test Stone  2 x 3"
Rare Earth Magnet

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Gold Test Stone 2 x 3"

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Rare Earth Magnet. 2 cm diameter, 3mm thick.
For testing karat content of gold. Used in conjunction with gold test needles and acid. Jet black material. Make sure to clean stone after each use to avoid cross contamination.

Measures: 2.5 x 1.5 x .5 inches