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Calcite Dichroscope for Gemstone Inspection
Calcite Dichroscope for Gemstone Inspection


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Product Code: GI7208

Shows whether or not a stone is dichroic (reflects 2 colors). Made with calcite for long lasting use.
A dichroscope separates a transparent genmtones' (crystal) colors with 2 wavelengths or colors (dichroic) that are often seen as one by the human eye, this is of course if there is more than one in the stone. By comparing these results with the known properties of gemstones can be used to help identify the gemstone.

How to use a Calcite Dichroscope:

As with any other instrument, proper use will determine if you get accurate results. The stone is held close to the aperture, even slightly touching it, with a strong allochromatic, white light source behind the stone. When one looks through the other end of the dichroscope, two small windows next to each other will be seen with a color in each of the windows. These colors may either be the same or different colors or different shades of colors. Now turn the dichroscope slowly 180° between your fingers while keeping the stone in a fixed position and observe if the colors in the two windows are the same or if they differ.