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Fretz Double-Ended Hammer with Inserts
Fretz Double-Ended Hammer with Inserts


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Product Code: HMR7

This double insert hammer has 9 replaceable plastic heads that are perfect for forming metal without leaving marks.
The various shapes mimic hammer faces used in planishing, embossing and raising.
The heads are held in place by set screws.
An additional set screw along with an Allen are included.

Planishing hammers are used for hardening metal and for smoothing and finishing the surface. It is usually responsible for the faceted and glittering effects seen on bowls and vases.

Fretz Silversmith’s Hammers are unlike any hammers you have ever seen or held before.
Only when a Fretz hammer is in your hand, can you fully appreciate or even believe the exquisiteness. With a Fretz hammer, form not only meets function, it meets beauty as well.

Master Silversmith Bill Fretz has designed hammers that are perfect for each step of the forming process; planishing, raising, embossing, riveting, forging.
Each hammer has a similar feel making it easy to switch from one to another.
Be careful though, once you have a Fretz hammer in your hand, you won’t want to put it down.