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Anti-Tarnish Ziploc Bags

Introducing the ultimate anti-tarnish protection for storing and shipping jewelry, silver and other precious metals. The same technology used by NASA, The British Royal Mint and jewelry manufacturers world wide is now available for your finest jewelry and silver pieces.

  • Will not harm any metals or gemstones even when in contact with tab or strip
  • Safe on opals, emeralds and pearls as well
  • The inert material will not release corrosive gases like charcoal based products and is temperature and humidity independent
  • Safe and effective on all non-ferrous metals such as silver, brass, copper and bronze, as well as ferrous metals (iron based)
  • Non-toxic, recyclable and environmentally safe.

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160731 2 X 3" Anti-Tarnish Ziploc Bags - 50 Pack
1607341 4 X 6" Anti-Tarnish Ziploc Bags - 25 Pack
1607342 4 X 6" Anti-Tarnish Ziploc Bags - 50 Pack
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