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Plier Universal Magical Crimper
Plier Universal Magical Crimper


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Product Code: PLR578.05

Transform a 2mm crimp into a round bead in a few easy steps. Use these specialty pliers with 2mm tubular crimp beads on .018", .019" or .024" flex wire.
• The rounded scoop-like notch in each jaw produces a perfectly rounded crimp that grips securely.
• Crimps won't budge and they don't leave any flattened or rough edges behind to scratch or snap.

To use:
1. Center the crimp bead in the hole and squeeze.
2. The crimp should look like a small ravioli (four flat corners).
3. Turn the bead 90° and center again. Squeeze, open tool SLIGHTLY and repeat 3-4 times until the bead is rounded and looks like a round 2mm bead!