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Chasing Tools-Set  of  20 Black Pitch 32-Oz Chasing Tools-Set X22 Shallow Pitch Bowl Set
Chasing Tools-Set of 20

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Black Pitch 32 Oz

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Chasing Tools-Set X22

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Shallow Pitch Bowl Set

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Complete Pitch Bowl Set - 5" Diameter Pitch Bowl-Pad & Pitch Bowl 8 Inch Chasing Tools Set Of 12 8 Inch Replacement Pitch Bowl
Chasing Tools Set Of 12

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Red German Pitch - 2 KG Chasing Tool Holder Quick Change GRS
Red German Pitch - 2 KG

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Non-brittle red pitch is extremely easy to work and is less toxic than black pitch with better results. It provides firm support for chasing, yet is soft enough to allow embossing of a shallow relief using repousse. It's melt temperature is low enough that it can be safely manipulated and shaped by hand. It can then be placed in the pitch bowl and heated slowly in a 250-300F oven. Red pitch does not have to be burned off.