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Magnetic Pins 0.3 X 5mm Tumbler Dry Bowl for Centrifugal CMF400/410 - 4" Diameter Tumbler Parts Holder Model 400 for Magnetic Centrifugal CMF410 Tumbler Vibratory Tumble-Vibe 5 (TV-5) - Raytech
Magnetic Pins 0.3 X 5mm

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Tumbler Bowl and Cover for TV-10 Vibratory Tumble Tumbler Lid for 4771-47782 Magnetic Tumbler Variable Speed ( 5-1/8 Inch )Diameter Bowl Mini Tumbler
100M Mini Tumbler

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One-barrel tumbler. 3 lb capacity. Heavy gauge steel base. Watertight molded rubber barrels. Thermally protected motor. 110 VAC. Light-weight - 6 lb. Great for small shop. Will provide outstanding polishing and smoothing. Easy to use and very quiet. Can be used for metal or rock tumbling. Heavy Duty Motor.
Double-Barrel Tumbler Heavy Duty High Speed Tumbler Model B Retainer Ring for 906R R2 and R3 Barrel Metal Barrel for HS140 High Speed Tumbler
Double-Barrel Tumbler

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R3 Molded Rubber Barrel for 100M and AR2 Tumbler 3 Quart Vibratory Tumbler - Wet or Dry 3 Quart Dry Vibratory Tumbler 3 Qt. Wet/Dry Tumbler - Flow Through Capable

Heavy duty. Wet or dry. Capacity: 3 quart or 10 lb. Bowl: 10" Diameter x 4" H. Overall height: 11". Identified with a blue stripe.
Light duty. For dry tumbling only. Bowl: 10" Diameter x 4" H. Identified with a yellow stripe.
Capacity: 3 quart or 10 lb. Bowl: 10" Diameter x 4" H. Can be used wet or dry. Heavy polyethylene bowl and lid, which can be removed easily. Tumbling capacity: approximately 50 rings. Holds 8 lbs. plastic shot or 3 lbs. dry shot. Two valves and strainer for flow-through operation.
Replacement Drive Belt for Rotary Tumbler Burnishing Compound D Magnetic Micro Pins 0.5mm x 5mm Magnetic Separator Small - Raytech Model: 400/600
Replacement drive belt for 100M and AR2 Single and Double-Barreled Tumblers.
Uniquely formulated liquid compound for use with steel shot. Also can be used as storage compound due to rust inhibitors in the formulation. Dilute 2% to water.