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Magnetic Pins 0.3 X 5mm Tumbler Dry Bowl for Centrifugal CMF400/410 - 4" Diameter Tumbler Parts Holder Model 400 for Magnetic Centrifugal CMF410 Tumbler Vibratory Tumble-Vibe 5 (TV-5) - Raytech
Magnetic Pins 0.3 X 5mm

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Mini Tumbler Double-Barrel Tumbler Heavy Duty High Speed Tumbler Model B Retainer Ring for 906R R2 and R3 Barrel
100M Mini Tumbler

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Double-Barrel Tumbler

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One-barrel tumbler. 3 lb capacity. Heavy gauge steel base. Watertight molded rubber barrels. Thermally protected motor. 110 VAC. Light-weight - 6 lb. Great for small shop. Will provide outstanding polishing and smoothing. Easy to use and very quiet. Can be used for metal or rock tumbling. Heavy Duty Motor.

Metal Barrel for HS140 High Speed Tumbler R3 Molded Rubber Barrel for 100M and AR2 Tumbler Lortone Mini Tumbler Model 3A 3 Quart Vibratory Tumbler - Wet or Dry

Heavy duty. Wet or dry. Capacity: 3 quart or 10 lb. Bowl: 10" Diameter x 4" H. Overall height: 11". Identified with a blue stripe.
3 Quart Dry Vibratory Tumbler 3 Qt. Wet/Dry Tumbler - Flow Through Capable Replacement Drive Belt for Rotary Tumbler Burnishing Compound D
Light duty. For dry tumbling only. Bowl: 10" Diameter x 4" H. Identified with a yellow stripe.
Capacity: 3 quart or 10 lb. Bowl: 10" Diameter x 4" H. Can be used wet or dry. Heavy polyethylene bowl and lid, which can be removed easily. Tumbling capacity: approximately 50 rings. Holds 8 lbs. plastic shot or 3 lbs. dry shot. Two valves and strainer for flow-through operation.
Replacement drive belt for 100M and AR2 Single and Double-Barreled Tumblers.
Uniquely formulated liquid compound for use with steel shot. Also can be used as storage compound due to rust inhibitors in the formulation. Dilute 2% to water.
Magnetic Micro Pins 0.5mm x 5mm Magnetic Separator Small - Raytech Model: 400/600