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Speed Brite Turbo Ionic Jewelelry Cleaner 12 Oz. Brass Brush with Wooden Handle Brass Brush with Lucite Handle Jewellery Cleaner 772 Connoisseurs Case of 12 Jars

Jewellery Cleaner Connoisseurs  1 Jar Silver Cleaner 773 Connoisseurs - Case of 12 Jars GemSparkle Cleaning Concentrate 32. oz. Anti -Tarnish Watch and Jewellery Tissue 4 Inch

Concentrated, odorless, and environmentally safe, this cleaning solution is an effective , fast-acting degreaser that also removes oxidation and brightens metal to a like-new finish. Acts as the electrolyte in the ionic cleaning process and can be used repeatedly before it needs to be replcaced. Recommended dilution is one part concentrate to six parts water. Will not harm gemstones. Comes packaged in a handy measuring bottle.

Washout Brush, Plastic Handle, 7-1/2" Long Gloves Cotton Small Light - 12 Pairs Gloves Cotton Small Light (2) Gloves Cotton Large Heavy - 12 Pairs

Magic Luster 1 Gallon Ultrasonic Basket Fine Mesh 11-1/4 x 4-3/4 x 3 Inches Large Ultrasonic Basket Fine Mesh 9 x 4-3/4 x 3 Inches Ammonium Hydroxide 4 Liters
Magic Luster 1 Gallon

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Ultrasonic Ring Rack - 16 Rings Ultrasonic Ring Rack - 24 Hooks Ultrasonic Ring Rack - 8 Hooks Brass Scratch Brush

Brass wood-handle scratch brush. 4 Row, 0.10mm bristle. Made in Germany