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Degree Gauge 1 to 10mm - Pocket Size Master True-Size Ring Sizing Set with 1/4, 1/2, and 3/4 Sizes Vernier Caliper 150mm Ring Sizer Gauge Large Sizes 14-16 (+1/2)
Vernier Caliper 150mm

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Ring Stick Teflon Ring Stick Nickel Grooved GEMSTONE GAUGE MM AND KARATS German Precision Degree Gauge
Ring Stick Teflon

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Degree Gauge - German

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Divider 4 Inch Economy Ring Sizer Gauge Blue Plastic 1-15 (+1/2)  with tabs Large Degree Gauge Ring Sizer Gauge Metal  Half Round Sizes 1 to 15
Divider 4 Inch Economy

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Ring Stick Aluminum Sizes 1-15 No Groove Digital Gemstone Leverage Gauge 0-25mm 3" Dividers with Replaceable Tips Ring Sizer Gauge Sizes 1-15

For measuring distances between points and scribing circles or arcs. With replaceable tips.

Multisizer - Ring Sizing Gauge Sizes 1-17 Plastic Ring Measuring Stick Sizes 0-15 Bracelet or Bangle Gauge from 5 - 9 inches Ring Sizer Snapout - Dozen