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Durston 21-Punch Dapping Set - UK "Whammer" Hammer - Interchangeable Nylon Head/Dapping Head Dapping and Forming block multi purpose Horn Anvil Small with Riveting Hole

Dapping Wood  Block with 2 punches Steel Block 100mm (4 x 4) Made in Italy Steel Block 50mm (2 x 2)  Made in Italy Steel Block 60mm (2-1/2 X 2-1/2) Made in Italy

Dapping Set And Punches 4 To 55mm CP-97 Italy Dapping Set CP-61 Complete Italy Bending Block Nylon Rollers Durston Steel Bench Block 4 x 4 x 3/4"

High quality steel bench blocks for flattening, laying out or chasing. Each piece is constructed out of tool steel, ground flat, polished and case hardened.
Leather Sandbag Economy Steel Bench Blocks Dapping Block Cube Steel 2 x 2 inches Antilope Silversmith's Anvil
Round Suede Sandbag

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Leather sandbags are used for stamping, chasing or forming. Can be used with or without bench blocks. The leather is slip resistant while the sand deadens the impact and sound when striking a piece. Since they are from natural materials, dimensions are approximate. 6" Diameter.

Economy Bench Blocks. Case-hardened steel blocks are used to support your work for a variety of tasks including flattening wire, bending, riveting and general hammering. All blocks are ground flat and smooth and all horizontal edges are beveled.