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Castaldo VLT Rubber CAD/CAM 5 LB.
Castaldo VLT Rubber CAD/CAM 5 LB.


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New from Castaldo VLT Rubber.
5 lb box.
Make high-volume production molds directly from CAD/CAM and Rapid Prototyping models.
Fast without risk of damage from heat or pressure.
CASTALDO® VLT® brings to manufacturers what has been missing so far in the
CAD/Cam revolution - speed!
Get your models into production in as little as 30 minutes!
CASTALDO® VLT® vulcanizes at temperatures as low as 160°F / 71°C, making it ideal for creating tough, strong long-lasting production rubber molds directly from all types of plastic resin models.
Makes great molds from traditional wax carvings too!
CASTALDO® VLT® produces highly detailed wax injections with an extrodinarily shiny surface that requires less finishing.
Waxes are self-releasing and needs no release spray.
Molds are easy to pack and easy to cut.
Rubber shrinkage is only 1.4%.