• U-marq Gem Rx5 Computerized Engraver U-marq Gem Rx5 Computerized Engraver This low cost, easy to use computerized engraver can engrave just about everything. Whether you're engraving on flat or curved surfaces, inside of rings, outside of rings, on bangles, watch cases or on glass, this engraver can do it all!
  • Knew Concepts 3 Inch Sawframe Knew Concepts 3 Inch Sawframe 3" Fret Saw with Screw Tension. The screw tension saw was the origin of the Knew Concepts Fret saw line. It is the economy model. It provides extremely precise blade tensioning simply by turning the knurled tension nut at the top of the frame.
  • The Orca Propane Torch The Orca Propane Torch An economical answer to your soldering needs! •Works without bottled oxygen • Simply draws from the air that surrounds us • Offers flame versatility with its three interchangeable tips Disposable Tank Regulator. Now comes with everything you will need for soldering aside from the propane tank.
  • GRS Tools Ring Cutter GRS Tools Ring Cutter The GRS Ring Size Cutter simplifies ring sizing by removing an exact amount of ring shank. The cut is precisely to size and always parallel so soldering is neat and fast. You’ll never have an uneven or wrong size cut. You then have a single piece that can be used later for up-sizing. Note: for gold or silver rings only.


Superior Ring Bending Tool by Pepetools
Work Bench for Jewellery making
Magnetic Tumbler Disc cutter with 11 punches
Magnetic Mini Tumbler
Our Price:$283.00
Solder Cutting Pliers
Our Price:$15.95
Diamond needle file set of 5 Switzerland gold scale