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Lindstrom Bent Nose Ergonomic Plier
Lindstrom Bent Nose Ergonomic Plier


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Product Code: 7892RX

Lindstrom Rx cutter

The ultimate in performance, precision and comfort!

We have put all our experience, technical expertise and ergonomic know-how into the successful Rx cutter series. Take a close look at the Rx cutter, try it out and then compare it to all competitors on the market. The Rx cutter will always come out on top!

Precision-ground edges for exceptional long life.
Rounded shape makes it easy to rotate to find the correct working angle.
Cushioned, high-friction surface. Always comfortable and steady in your hand.
Return spring automatically opens Rx cutters. You always have your fingers in place to do the job.
Easy to adjust, three-position spring. Provides different resistance and grip widths.

Unique spring design. Provides extra-low resistance just when the cut is made. Reduces fatigue over time in intensive use.
Long, wide handles. Distribute and minimize pressure points.
Light weight. Easy to maneuver and position.
Springs are easily replaced. Tool stocking and replacement costs are reduced.
ESD safe.

Bent Nose Pliers Rx 7892

Bent-tip, snipe nose Rx7892 pliers provide good reach and a non-marring gripping surface. Bent-tip allows operator to use a more comfortable hand/wrist position and gain better visibility in certain applications.