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NYC Pink (Filigree) Injection Wax - 1 lb
NYC Pink (Filigree) Injection Wax - 1 lb


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Designed for platinum, gold, silver as well as industrial and dental alloys, AccuFlakes injection wax has set the standard in precision casting for years. With the lowest ash content available (0.003%), AccuFlakes and AccuBeads guarantee the cleanest burnout possible. Available in 8 application-specific colors in quick-melting Flake or Bead form. - See more at: http://www.kerrcasting.com/products-1/Waxes/accuflakes#content-overview-tab
3350 - NYC Pink™

Injection Temp. - 68°C 155°F
Flow - med.
Flexibility - med.
Carvability - low
Shrinkage - low
Memory - med.
Pattern Shelf Life - high
Readability - med.
Solidification Time - med.
Application - Highest detail. Easy Removal without breakage.