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Wheel Brush Chungking
Wheel Brush Chungking

Clean, polish and produce special finishes with these Chungking wheel brushes. 1/4 Inch Arbor hole for use on the tapered spindles of polishing motors.

. Genuine Chungking bristles insure longer life and superior polishing action piece after piece.
. Wood hubs of seasoned, oil-treated hardwood prevent splitting and guarantee long-lasting service.
. Bristle tufts are "staple-set" into hubs to remain securely fastened until completely worn down.

The stiffness of each brush is determined by the number of rows (the more, the stiffer), bristle length (the shorter, the stiffer), and style (Converging is stiffer than Upright).

Sold individually or 4 pieces less $.35

Item# Item Name

Our Price
Qty Add
16398 Wheel Brush 1A 1 Row 3-1/8 Inch Upright Chungking
16404 Wheel Brush 1B 1 Rows 2-7/8 Inch Upright Chungking
16399 Wheel Brush 1C 1 Row 2-5/8 Inch Upright Chungking
16372 Wheel Brush 5A 2 Rows 2-1/2 Inch Upright Chungking
16381 Wheel Brush 6B 2 Rows 2-1/4" Converging, Tapered Chungking
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