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Scale 320g X 0.001g Mettler Legal For Trade Canada
Switzerland gold scale


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Product Code: 11144930

This scale arrives certified at your place of business.
The only scale that is Legal in Canada to travel with and trade.
Prices subject to change, please phone to get updated prices.

Specifications - MS303S Precision Balance   GOLD SCALE
Maximum Capacity 320 g
Readability 0.001 g
Calibration/Adjustment Automatic internal
Repeatability (sd) 0.001 g
Linearity 0.002 g
Sensitivity temperature drift (10-30°C) 3 ppm/ °C
Stabilization time 1.5 s
IP Protection IP54 in use
Usable height of draft shield 165 mm
Weighing pan dimensions 127x127 mm
Balance dimensions LxWxH 347x204x280 mm
Weight of balance 6.2 kg
Minimum weight (acc. to USP) 3 g
Minimum weight (acc. to 1%, k=2) 0.2 g
Power requirement 12 V / 0.84 A
 Your Mettler Scale Solution :
- Be certified legal for Trade - Will arrive at your location certifed ready to go.
- Can be moved around as needed without recertification
- Can be serviced right here in Canada
- Designed to last with a robust metal housing and patented weighting technology
 offered only by Mettler.
Features & Benefits

Quick and easy cleaning
Cleaning is now an easy task, because the QuickLock draft shield can be dismantled in a few quick movements, without moving the balance and the separate glass panels can be washed in the dishwasher.

User-friendly operation
HCD (High Contrast Display) with big numbers and clear symbols as well as an intuitive menu enable users to quickly and easily operate the balance. Additionally, three SmartKeys can be freely programmed, so that routine tasks can be started with just one touch of the SmartKey.

Up-to-date data transfer
Quick an error free data transfer: RS232 port for connection to printer or bar code reader; USB port for connection to PC via standard USB cable.

Easy installation
The adjustable feet and the clearly visible level indicator are now placed in the front, for easy leveling.

Standard Features
HCD (High Contrast Display)
Metal High-grade chemical resistant die-cast housing
FACT fully automatic time and temperature-controlled internal adjustment
Protective cover
Below weighing hook for weighing below the balance
MonoBloc weighing technology
Overload Protection
Built in Date and Time function
SmartTrac shows the entire weighing range
Programmable 3 SmartKeys for shortcut access to applications
Protection of main balance configuration

All models offer
Weighing in 16 different units
Taring over the entire weighing range
Be adapted to the environment
Applications like Piece counting, % weighing, Dynamic weighing, Check weighing, Free factor, Statistics, Formulation, Totaling
Working in different languages: German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Czech

Do you need a larger capacity scale call us for more information. Your Mettler Agent for Canada