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Matt Wax Modeling Gun Kit 955
Matt Wax Modeling Gun Kit 955

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The Matt Wax Modelling Gun Kit.
An affordable, simple-to-use tool which enables you to take full advantage of the extrusion technique, transforming hard wax pellets into wires of different shapes and thicknesses.
An important advantage of the Matt Gun lies in the fact that the extruded wax wire can vary in thickness.
The ability to control thickness and pressure of extrusion allows the jewelry maker to evolve "organic" designs during the working process.
Because it is possible to vary the temperature of the Matt Gun, the extruded wax is more flexible and can be manipulated to a far greater extent than with conventional techniques.
Finally, because the waxes that are used with the Matt Gun are hard, the resulting model is harder, more durable and less likely to be damaged when you send or bring it to the caster.
The Matt Gun Kit comes with a:
110v Matt Gun with 2 brass tips,
3 styles of wax
A generously illustrated, 113-page book, Wax Modeling for Jewelry and Sculpture by Adolfo Mattiello, which provides complete instructions and tells you how to get the most out of your Matt Gun.