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J2R Casting Machine Start Up Kit
J2R Casting Machine Start Up Kit

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Product Code: 710239

This start-up kit includes a 110-volt vacuum pump and all the consumables and accessories you need for casting with your J-2R machine, plus the "Casting With the J-2R" DVD, which describes the setup and operation of the machine in detail. This kit includes:
• one 5cfm/142 lpm vacuum pump, 110-volt
• one nitrogen regulator; 0-60psi, two stage
• five graphite crucibles with 8mm hole; for use with 1/4" (6.4mm) sprues
• five graphite crucibles with 9.5mm hole; for 1/2" (12.7mm) sprues
• one-piece R-46 graphite sealing rods; pkg/6
• crucible bottom gaskets; pkg/6
• one type-K thermocouple
• ceramic crucible stands; pkg/3
• filling cones; pkg/2
• graphite stirring rods; pkg/10
• flask adapter O-rings, 4" (102mm) dia.; pkg/6
• one 150-gram tube O-ring lubricant
• woven flask gaskets, 4" (102mm) dia.; pkg/6
• one stainless steel 4" x 6" (102 x 152mm) perforated flask
• two stainless steel 4" x 9" (102 x 229mm) perforated flasks
• shrink bands for 4" x 6" perforated flask; 2 pkgs/100
• three NeuSprue® base assemblies, 4" (102mm) dia.
• one box NeuSprue® sprues, 5" (127mm) for 6" flask, pkg/30
• one box NeuSprue® sprues, 8" (203mm) for 9" flask, pkg/30
• flask removal tongs for 4" (102mm) flask
• one Teflon® metal dispenser
• one instructional DVD