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As the world foremost manufacturer of Thermal Conductivity Tester, Presidium is answering customers demand for a reliable hand-held Moissanite Tester. It took many months of intensive research and development and a solution was found within our group-patented technology. This tester is therefore developed with the sole objective to identify synthetic Moissanite (Silicon Carbide). The new instrument is named "PRESIDIUM MOISSANITE TESTER" (PMT11) and uses the technology of Capacitance and for the capacitive measurement of electrical displacement. PMT11 is designed specifically for identification of Synthetic Moissanite mounted on metals. The measuring procedure is very simple by touching a high sensitive measuring probe made of special grade polymer and the reading is instantaneous. Note: PMT11 is recommended to be used after positive testing result for Diamond with a Thermal Conductivity Tester. Two Year Warranty.