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PMC Basics DVD Basic Soldering Techniques Instructional DVD Fur, Feathers, And Fins 3-Disc DVD Set Easy Step By Step Graver Sharpening - DVD
PMC Basics DVD

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Carving Scrolls By Bill Janney - DVD PMC Basics DVD Successful Jewelry Engraving DVD Basic Jewelry hammering and Forming Volume 1 with Bill Fretz
PMC Basics DVD

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Basic Jewelry hammering and Forming Volume 2 with Bill Fretz DVD, Carve A Wax Model For A Pendant

Join metalsmith Travis Odgen, a lifelong independent jewelry artist in this video dedicated to showing you how to carve a wax model for a pendant. With every step shown with clear and concise instruction, you'll learn how to use your flex shaft and its tools to carve wax models for jewelry making. Travis demonstrates his technique as he starts with a block of wax and renders from it a completed wax model, ready for molding and casting. Important design considerations and tips for achieving the illusion of varying thickness are featured as are the skills for using your flex shaft to carve wax. A must-have for anyone interested in wax carving, this resource will show you how wax is more forgiving--and less costly than working directly with metal to achieve your design vision. And wax models are a smart way to cost-effectively create a complete product line starting with a single design. In this DVD, you learn:
• How to carve your wax with precision and finish it flawlessly using a flex shaft, files, sandpaper, and solvent.
• The critical differences in wax types, how to decide which wax you need for a given project .
• How to prevent--or repair--common mishaps such as breaks, over-carving, and porosity in the wax.
• Every step with detailed explanations and up-close shots.
• All the tips and tricks you'll need to start carving wax using your flex shaft.
• To go beyond the carving: see how to create a rubber mold of your carving and cast your design in metal.