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Sterling Silver Multi Strand Clasp with Toggle 5 Inch Rubber Sprue Base

Our Price:$32.55
Sale Price:24.00
Savings: $8.55
Sterling Silver Multi Strand Clasp with Toggle

Our Price:$39.98
Sale Price:30.00
Savings: $9.98
Gold Jewellery Cloth 738 Connoisseurs

Our Price:$6.95
Sale Price:5.95
Savings: $1.00
5 Inch Rubber Sprue Base

Our Price:$4.95
Sale Price:2.47
Savings: $2.48

Gem Parcel Case 4 x 6-1/8 x 2-3/4 Inches

Our Price:$18.95
Sale Price:12.95
Savings: $6.00
Goldino Pink Square Edge Wheel (5)

Our Price:$3.95
Sale Price:2.96
Savings: $0.99
Goldino Gold Knife Edge 22 x 3 mm (5)

Our Price:$6.50
Sale Price:4.87
Savings: $1.63

Our Price:$53.55
Sale Price:38.84
Savings: $14.71

Neutec SuperPerf Flanged Flask with Cross-Bar, 4" dia. 9 inches tall
Neutec SuperPerf Flanged Flask with Cross-Bar, 5" dia.

Our Price:$94.95
Sale Price:75.96
Savings: $18.99
Neutec SuperPerf Flanged Flask with Cross-Bar, 4" dia. 9 inches tall

Our Price:$94.50
Sale Price:75.60
Savings: $18.90
Earring Folder 20-Pair Black

Our Price:$24.95
Sale Price:12.48
Savings: $12.47
Half Round Drawplate 1-3mm 20H - ITALY

Our Price:$109.95
Sale Price:93.95
Savings: $16.00

Italian White Gold Alloy Mini Ultrasonic Cleaner
Pliers Side Cutter 4-1/2" Ergo Handles - German

Our Price:$43.95
Sale Price:34.95
Savings: $9.00

Our Price:$12.50
Sale Price:9.50
Savings: $3.00
Mini Ultrasonic Cleaner

Our Price:$44.95
Sale Price:39.95

Multiple Options Available Ideal for hygienically cleaning watches, jewellery, glasses, dentures and braces. Glentle cleaning process, high cleaning frequency (40 kHz), stainless steel tank. Includes fine meshed basket. 600 ml capacity.
Round Graduated Ring Mandrel
5 Piece Plier Set

Our Price:$29.95
Sale Price:23.95
100M Mini Tumbler

Our Price:$189.95
Sale Price:163.36
Savings: $26.59
Red Rouge 1 lb

Our Price:$12.95
Sale Price:9.95
Savings: $3.00
Pepe Precision Graduated Round Ring Mandrel

Our Price:$41.95
Sale Price:37.76
Savings: $4.19
Designed for silversmiths, students and hobbyists. Set of 5 in a handy zippered case.

  • Chain (needle nose) pliers
  • Round pliers
  • Flat pliers
  • Small side cutter
  • Medium side cutter
  • Blue leatherette case
One-barrel tumbler. 3 lb capacity. Heavy gauge steel base. Watertight molded rubber barrels. Thermally protected motor. 110 VAC. Light-weight - 6 lb. Great for small shop. Will provide outstanding polishing and smoothing. Easy to use and very quiet. Can be used for metal or rock tumbling. Heavy Duty Motor.

Castaldo Titanium Label Molding Rubber 5lb Castaldo VLT Rubber CAD/CAM 5 LB. Blue Zircon Pearls Kerr 1 lb.
Jumpring Maker JRM2 Kit - By Pepetools

Our Price:$356.95
Sale Price:299.95
Savings: $57.00
Castaldo Titanium Label Molding Rubber 5lb

Our Price:$59.95
Sale Price:38.36
Savings: $21.59
Castaldo VLT Rubber CAD/CAM 5 LB.

Our Price:$59.95
Sale Price:34.36
Savings: $25.59
Injection Wax Blue Pearls KERR 1 Lb.

Our Price:$7.95
Sale Price:4.95
Savings: $3.00

Foredom 1050 Micromotor Kit Wide Band Metal Finger Sizer
Foredom Brushless Micromotor Kit with High Torque Performance

Our Price:$1,595.00
Sale Price:1,295.00
Savings: $300.00

Our Price:$27.95
Sale Price:17.28
Savings: $10.67
Metal Finger Ring Sizer - Extra-Wide - Sizes 1 to 15

Our Price:$19.95
Sale Price:14.95
Savings: $5.00
Brushless Micromotor Kit:  High Torque Performance from 1,000 -
50,000 rpm. Fastest and most powerful handpiece in Foredom's line. The high speed (up to 50,000 rpm) gives
exceptionally smooth cuts and even when used more slowly it will not bog
down. This kit makes signing your work easy. It has a sealed housing
that prevents dust and debris from clogging your motor and since it is
brushless, you never have to replace carbon brushes. The dual port on
the control box allows you to add a brush type handpiece.