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Hanger for Foredom Motor with Clamp Flexshaft Stand Stainless Screw Mount Foredom Workbench System Double Motor Hanger with Base Mount Foredom Workbench System Bur Holder Arm

Foredom Workbench System 6 Jar Arm Foredom Work Bench System Peg Arm Foredom Work Bench System Magnetic Arm Foredom Work Bench System Tray Arm

Foredom Workbench System Multi Handpiece Arm Foredom Workbench System Dual Handpiece Rest Foredom Workbench System Support Rod Large Foredom Work Bench System Medium Shelf

Flexshaft Hanger with C-Clamp
Powder-Coated, Telescopic Hangers For Flexible Motor Shafts. 26” High And Can Extend Up To 38”. The C Clamp Has A Nylon End Which Securely Grips The Workbench, Without Scarring It. Height Adjustments Can Be Made With The Thumbscrew. Features A Spring For Added Convenience To The User